Subway for Scarborough Agincourt

Faster Public Transit

Even with the proposed LRT Scarborough still has the least amount of subway stops in the city but has some of the highest density population. This is a situation that is simply not fair to our people and needs to be addressed in some capacity at the very least. Securing

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Sports Summer camp

Better Children Care

Scarborough is fortunate to have plenty of child care centres alongside before and after programs however being the community that it is, these services require a serious injection of funding to truly offer the kind of service they are capable of delivering. Greater funding means greater opportunities for the youth

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Service is not policing

Better Police Service

We live in a political climate where social injustice has been at the forefront of conversation for the past year. One idea put forward that has been gaining momentum with public support is to restructure the police budget in order to provide a safer experience to community members seeking police

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Senior Services

Better Senior Service

Amidst the current pandemic our seniors are in some of the greatest danger in nursing homes. That is why an overhaul of the current system is absolutely required for the safety of the residents, staff, and visitors at these centres. Increased PPE for staff is a must, just like nurses

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