Vote For Change

Building a Stronger and Safer Scarborough Agincourt

A vote for Bill Wu is a vote to…

  • Support more affordable housing meatures and ASAP Shedpard Subway Extension
  • Promote safety for school zones, neighbourhood streets and communities

Bill has more than 20 years of community involvement. His wide resumé includes…

  • A devoted husband and father
  • An experienced electrical engineer
  • An E-Commerce business owner
  • The coach for a variety of different sports, training youth to take on leadership roles
  • A commissioner of a local basketball league serving young  adult players weekly
  • The organizer of the PATH TO SUCCESS seminar series, aiding immigrants and promoting new business ventures
  • An organizer of Chinese business galas


Sheppard Subway Extension ASAP or NOW

  • A subway extension is the best way to create more jobs and help businesses prosper
  • Improve public transit to make it faster and more reliable
  • In Metrolinx’s website, there is no mention of the Sheppard Line Extension yet. How much longer are we to wait for proper transportation in our community?

Building More Affordable Housing in Toronto

  • Cut the ‘red tape’ to ensure that we meet the housing demands of a growing population and to promote higher living standards

Community Safety

  • Improve mental health services to keep the streets and the community safe
  • Promote more effective communication between police sevices and the community
  • Hire more police officers from visible minorities

Cut Tax Waste, More Transparency and Accountability

  • Keep property taxes low; make the best use of tax dollars
  • Upgrade Commuity Centres
  • More services for  children and senior citizens